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Currently in Phase 2 clinical development, IMG-020(aka ABY-035)is a very small protein drug (18 kDa, ~1/8 of an antibody) with very high apparent affinity to IL-17A (KD ~300fM).  It has an antibody-like half-life due to the strong (KD ~50pM) binding affinity to serum albumin. IMG-020 has been created by combining Affibody’s proprietary protein therapeutics platform (Affibody® technology), which confers greater potency in a small molecular format, and the Albumod™ technology which provides a long half-life.  Together, these features provide the potential for best-in-class efficacy in a convenient, less frequent and at-home subcutaneous administration.

Accumulated patient data from ~150 psoriasis patients, some of which have been dosed for more than two years, support a safe and efficacious product profile with best-in-class potential.  In the ongoing Phase 2 Psoriasis Trial, IMG-020 has demonstrated a strong safety profile and clear clinical benefits.

IMG-020 is manufactured in an inexpensive E. coli system, which allows less than 1/20 of the average manufacturing cost of a typical antibody drug.  IMG-020 only needs one injection due to its low dose (40-80mg/kg).